The procedure is done by laparoscopy, 5 small wounds (.5cm-1cm) in the abdomen. We do it all with state of the art equipment, ultra high definition camera to see every detail in the procedure.

The technique is based in the reduction of the size of the stomach with stapling devices, removing 80-85% percent of the stomach (mostly a part of the stomach named fundus, where ghrelin (hunger hormone) is produce)

When we finalize the stapling part, we make a reinforcement with suture, making the safest gastric sleeve around the globe.

Our rate of complication with this technique is less than 1%, lesser than other countries (Canada, America, Brasil and Mexico).

What’s the score?

Our goal is to obtain a stomach of 20% of the capacity, that is, if we imagine a football as the normal stomach, after surgery the stomach will be the size of a banana. At 18 months you will have lost 70 to 80% of your excess weight, which translates into significant improvement or cure in the diseases and risks associated with obesity (Diabetes Mellitus, Systemic High Blood Pressure, High cholesterol and triglycerides, heart attacks , cerebral embolisms among many others).